Mother’s Day 2013

Mother’s Day often seems to be a mixture of  nostalgia, flowers, cards and tears blended with a touch of guilt and regret. Card companies and florists know it to be one of the most profitable days of their marketing year. Before this sounds downright cynical, let it be understood that mothers are special and unique in their role. The very first woman recorded on the pages of divine history, Eve, was so called because her name literally means “life” or “living.” The Bible says, “Adam called his wife’s name Eve because she was the mother of all living.” (Gen. 3:20)

Recorded throughout the Bible are stories of a mother’s love. An unnamed mother (later identified in genealogy as Jochebed) gave birth to a son. This baby boy was born in Egypt, born under an edict of death, and was miraculously spared. At great personal peril, this mother preserved the life of her precious son. She even gave him up for adoption to a princess so that his life would be spared. Such love and self-sacrifice by this obscure mother was not only a tribute to the nobility of motherhood, but also a pivotal part of Providence. Her baby boy was none other than Moses, the one God would use to free Israel and become the leader and law-giver of a new nation.

In our post-Christian culture, motherhood often takes a back seat to being a career woman. Abortion is offered as an easy option to the “inconvenience” of an unwanted pregnancy. The cry of a baby is drowned out by the cry of “my rights.” On this Mother’s Day may we counter the culture by honoring all our mothers. Honor the memory of those who have gone home. Help those who are struggling to raise children in such difficult times. Encourage and bless the young mothers who brought their babies to full term rather than to sacrifice them on the altar of abortion.

                              — Terry A. Morrison