Living By Grace

Saved by grace is the work of God that secures our eternal salvation. Li ving by grace is the life long work of believers showing gratitude for all that God has done. The doctrine of grace taught in the Bible is the believer’s motivation for such a life. Jesus made the final and ultimate blood sacrifice. The only sacrifice remaining is that of a thankful response for such an act of love. The apostle Paul refers to this as presenting ourselves to God as living sacrifices. Such a lifestyle requires thinking differently from the way this world system thinks. It requires resistance to being squeezed into an ungodly mold. In Romans 12, Paul paints a word picture of what a life looks like that is being lived by grace. A person living by grace will have an honest, yet humble opinion of himself or herself. They will see themselves as parts of the body of Christ, using their gifts to upbuild the church. Making distinctions based on power or wealth has no place in their thinking. Recognizing unity in Christ gives reason to rejoice with those who are rejoicing and to weep with those who are heartbroken. Living by grace guides us toward things that are good, and encourages us to avoid evil. Grace reminds the believer to be patient in persecutions and persistent in prayer. We can never pay for our salvation, nor should we try, but we can and should honor God by living a life that reflects the grace we have received.