In Times of Trouble

In Times of Trouble

    King David experienced much trouble in his life. Between his anointing and his ascending to the throne he spent most of the time running for his life. In the presence of a pagan king he once pretended to be insane in order to save his life. From that experience he composed the 34th Psalm. That Psalm offers insight and help for us as we deal with the inevitable troubles that come our way in life. Let me excerpt and paraphrase some thoughts that David expressed during his difficult days.

   Let us bless the Lord at all times. Boast in His strength and not our own. Get with believers and find power in praising His name. Troubles seem to shrink when the Lord is magnified.

   It is good to cry out to the Lord. He does not turn a deaf ear. God promises to deliver us from our fears. He is more than able to deliver us from our troubles, and if necessary in the midst of our troubles. Often, unaware to us, His mighty angels are encamped all around.

   David reminds us as he did in the beloved 23rd Psalm that the Lord is able to meet every need of those who trust in Him. Since the Lord is a good shepherd His people shall not be found wanting in any area of need. We should focus on the goodness of God.  When we look to His goodness and grace we will find blessing. The more we trust Him the more we find Him to be sufficient.

  The 34th Psalm concludes with these words: “…No one who takes refuge in Him will be condemned.” (v. 22 NLT) Truly God is a refuge in times of trouble here below. Even more He is our eternal refuge and everlasting source of security. So let us join the psalmist and exalt His name together.

– Terry Morrison