A Blessed Life (7)

The move to Bourbon County in 1954 meant a change in schools. We moved at mid-term of my second grade school year. Center Hill School was a much larger and nicer brick facility with an indoor gymnasium and plumbing. My first day was the beginning of six and one half years of wonderful times in school. First of all I got to ride a full sized school bus instead of a van. The next thing was the years that followed. I had the best teachers one could ask for. To this day I remember each and e very one of them. Miss Jarvis in second and third grade. My fourth grade teacher was Miss Shropshire, who was my dad’s first cousin. In the fifth grade, Miss Bishop came on the scene. Miss Clark, who taught sixth grade, also attended the Mt. Carmel Christian Church, where our family had moved its membership. The strictest teacher at Center Hill was Miss Frederickson. She was an older unmarried lady. We all wondered if she was so demanding that she could never find a husband to suit her. Our favorite teacher was Miss Williams in the eighth grade. She was an excellent English teacher. She maintained classroom order, but was also fun and understanding of the heartaches and romances of her thirteen year old students.
My fourth grade teacher, Miss Shropshire, was one of a kind. She taught all the basics, but also introduced us to art. Each week she handed out a little card with a famous work of art and the artist for us to study and to keep. Miss Shropshire also had a way of dealing with her students. I remember when A.J. White and Paul Fuller got into a fight on the playground. Miss Shropshire brought us in after lunch, had us line our desks along the wall. She then made A.J. and Paul wrestle while she refereed and we watched.
Such events and such teachers make for wonderful memories. I count myself blessed when I recall my years at Center Hill School.

– Terry A. Morrison