A Blessed Life  (2)

A Blessed Life (2)

The early years of my life were centered around family and church. I was born and reared in the Church of Christ and Christian Church. They were part of what was known as the Restoration Movement. This group was focused on restoring a simple New Testament order of faith and practice. Their motto was “In essentials, unity; In matters of opinion, liberty; In all things, love.” I was blessed to have grown up hearing about grace and being thoroughly grounded in the Bible.
The first twelve years of my life were shaped by Sunday School and Vacation Bible School at the Salem Church of Christ. Mrs. Alma Hobday and Mr. Charles Ross were teachers who clearly knew and taught us youngsters the Word. They also taught the value of good behavior. I remember an incident that demonstrated such concern for proper conduct. One of my ambitions as an eight year old was to sit with my friends during worship service. I felt I had matured to the point that I no longer needed to sit next to my parents. They consented, and so the very next Sunday I was with my friends, away from the watchful eye of Mom and Dad. My behavior was less than acceptable, and far from exemplary. After services, Mrs. Alma told my parents that she didn’t think I was quite ready to sit elsewhere than by their side. For the next several months I was back on the pew between my mother and father. Looking back on that experience, I realize the blessing of being under such watchful and caring eyes.
Many years later in a small group setting at a spiritual renewal conference, we were asked to list at least five people who had influenced our lives. Mrs. Alma and Brother Charles were on mine. Later I was honored to learn Brother Charles had requested that I preach his funeral. It was a great blessing and privilege to let his family know how wonderfully he had influenced my life.
— Terry Morrison